02-31 Jan:
Creative Art Learning Programme
02-08 Jan:
Sailboat Craft
09-15 Jan:
Anime Drawing Workshop
16-22 Jan:
Rocket Craft Making
23-31 Jan:
Landscape Painting Workshop
01-31 May:
Creative Art Learning Programme
01-07 May:
Mermaid Craft
02-08 May:
Mother's Day Craft Making
15-31 May:
Acrylic Painting Workshop
16-31 May:
Theme Art for Age 10 and above
23-31 May:
Canvas Art Programme
24-31 May:
Anime Workshop
01-30 Sep:
Flexi-Time Art & Craft
01-10 Sep:
Junior Sketching Programme
06-14 Sep:
Canvas Art Workshop
12-16 Sep:
Creative Clay Art
19-23 Sep:
Functional Clock Making
20-30 Sep:
Anime Drawing Workshop
01-28 Feb:
Junior Art Workshop
02-28 Feb:
Year of the Tiger Craft
03-14 Feb:
Chinese New Year Craft Workshop
08-14 Feb:
Valentine Craft Workshop
15-18 Feb:
Charcoal Art Workshop
21-28 Feb:
Oil Pastels Techniques
01-30 June:
Flexi-time Art & Craft
01-07 June:
Clay Art
06-10 June:
Functional Clock Making
11-17 June:
Creative Art Module
13-19 June:
Father's Day Craft
20-30 June:
Modern Art Module
June Holiday Art Camps 2022
01 Jun:
Jungle Art Camp
03 Jun:
Little Artists Camp
07 Jun:
Fairy Tale Camp
09 Jun:
Tiger Tiger Camp
14 Jun:
Castle Making Camp
15 Jun:
Cutie Pets Making Camp
17 Jun:
Sea Creatures Artventure
21 Jun:
Pokemon Art Camp
22 Jun:
Art Fun Camp
23 Jun:
Superhero Theme Art
01-31 Oct:
Junior Art Workshops
03-07 Oct:
Mixed Media Art Workshop
08-22 Oct:
Alligator Craft
10-14 Oct:
Sketching Online Class
11-21 Oct:
Charcoal Art Workshop
22-30 Oct:
Treasure Map Creation
01-31 March:
Mature Art Modules for Age 10-16
01-07 March:
Gardens by the Bay Craft
07-11 March:
Junior Sketching Workshop
12-20 March:
Flexi-time Craft Workshop
14-21 March:
Canvas Art Workshop
22-31 March:
Anime Art Module
28-31 March:
Creative Art Online Class
March ArtVenture Camps 2022
15 March:
Creator Camp
16 March:
Floral Theme Camp
17 March:
Design Camp
18 March:
Van Gogh Art Camp
01-31 July:
Flexi-time Art & Craft
01-07 July:
Creative Craft Making
08-14 July:
Manga Art Module
11-15 July:
Functional Clock Making
15-21 July:
Collage Theme Craft
18-22 July:
Creative Art Online Class
25-29 July:
Junior Sketching Workshop
Summer Art Camps 2022
05 Jul:
Superhero Theme Camp
06 Jul:
Van Gogh Art Camp
12 Jul:
Underwater Theme Camp
13 Jul:
Summer Garden Craft Camp
21 Jul:
Fluffy Fluffy Art Camp
01-30 Nov:
Exclusive Art Modules Age 10-16
01-07 Nov:
Mermaid Jewellery Box
07-11 Nov:
Acrylic Painting Online Class
08-14 Nov:
Oil Pastel Techniques Workshop
15-21 Nov:
Koi Fishes Craft
22-30 Nov:
Western Landscape Workshop
November ArtExplorer Workshops 2022
22 Nov:
Unicorn Canvas Art
23 Nov:
Treasure Map Design
24 Nov:
Mermaid Jewellery Box
25 Nov:
Space Functional Clock
30 Nov:
Yummy Clay Art
01-30 April:
Junior Assessment Programme
04-29 April:
Exclusive Mixed Media for age 10 and above
01-09 April:
Bunny Craft Workshop
04-08 April:
Charcoal Art
11-22 April:
Pokemon Theme Workshop
18-22 April:
WaterColor Art
25-29 April:
Anime Online Class
01-31 Aug:
Junior Art Programme
01-15 Aug:
Acrylic Painting Workshop
08-14 Aug:
National Day Art Project
16-20 Aug:
Nature Art Project
23-31 Aug:
Sketching Singapore Icons
01-31 Dec:
Holiday Fun Programme
01-07 Dec:
Santa Claus Signage
05-09 Dec:
Functional Clock Making
08-15 Dec:
Modern Art Workshop for Age 10-16
12-22 Dec:
Christmas Tree Display Art
22-31 Dec:
Winter Painting Workshop
Winter ArtCamps 2022
06 Dec:
Winter Theme Art Camp
07 Dec:
Picasso Kids Camp
08 Dec:
Super Hero Art Camp
13 Dec:
Mystery Fun Camp
15 Dec:
Snowy Theme Camp
20 Dec:
Happy Wonderland Camp
22 Dec:
Christmas Art Camp
29 Dec:
Happy New Year Art Cheers!
Above dates and events are subjected to change as and when is necessary.

Online Art Programmes are available during "Stay Home" period.