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Holiday / Short-Term Art & Craft Workshops
Indonesian Families One-Day Workshop
Assisi Home Charity Fund Raising Fair
Mural Painting
SM Motors-Clock Painting Workshop
Centre of Hope’s One Day Workshop
Shell Staff’s One Day Workshop
Colours of the Rainbow
Creative Minds, Creative Hands @ Ikea
Creativity Zone @ Asian Children's Festival
Art Workshop for Teachers
Creative Workshop for Marymount Convent Primary School
Joint Event with National Library Board
Event @ Serangoon Garden Country Club
Joint Event with Thomson Medical Centre/JAC
eGovernment Policies & Programmes Div Teambuilding Event
Emark Event @ Volvo Art Loft
One Day Outdoor Art Workshop @ Zoo
Mural Painting
One Day Fun Visits
Central CDC Heartlands CLAP and ARTy pARTy
Journey Through Our Eyes
Crocs Shoes Design
Art Contest for Pasir Ris Zone RC
Art in Wonderland, a Children Art Fiesta
The Extreme PaintOver Contest
World Kids Colouring Day
Art Workshop for City Harvest
Community Art Programmes for CareCorner
Art Workshops for Senior Citizens
ExxonMobil Teambuilding for Asia Pacific Staff
Workshop at Museum of Shanghai Toys
Art Contest for Citibank Singapore
SingTel Adult Teambuilding
Art of Seasons
Family Creative Bonding Activity @ Jurong Bird Park
Recycling Art @ Singapore Expo
Mega Easter Egg Hunt
Art Workshop for Abbot
Recycling Art @ National Parks Board
Fund Raising for School
Corporate Community Project
Art Booth @ Trade Fair
Adults Function
Art is All Around
Kidz Academy
Singapore AirShow
Community Project Club Rainbow
Family Day Art Contest at Pines
Parenting Workshop at Suntec
Mural Project for Corporate Clientele
Summer Holiday Art Camps
We Love Art! Exhibition
Birthday Parties
Teachers Teambonding Event
Corporate Adults Event
Creative Art Exploration at Pre-School
Summer Art Camps
HDB Event
Art for Art’s Sake
The World in Our Palette
Arty Fun Camps
Adult Acrylic Painting Workshop
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Rise and Shine
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Birthday Art Parties
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