ArtVenture Camp - Fun!
We are bringing the kids outdoor and at the same time churn up a piece of art. It's educational, it' fun and it's arty!
Artventure Camp
Artventure Camp by Art Zone
Extreme PaintOver Contest - 2 Aug 08
The Extreme PaintOver Contest - a battle of wit and creativity, painting a lion not to look like one giving it a new identity. The results were bizarre and yet amazing! It's hip, it's joy and it's great fun!!!
Extreme PaintOver Contest
Extreme PaintOver Contest hosted by Art Zone
Art of Seasons - July 09
A simple and yet vivid interpretation of the 4 seasons by a group of children age 3 to 12. Visitors' feedback : "Wow! artworks of international standard!", "Brilliant!", "Awesome!", "Creative and full of innovation!", ....
Art of Seasons
Participants of Art of Seasons
Lantern Festival Pyjamas Art Party
Our theme parties (pyjamas, lantern festival, halloween, etc)are always a sell-out. Look out for our next theme party.
Lantern Festival Pyjamas Art Party
Lantern Festival Pyjamas Art Party At Art Zone
Birthday Art Parties - Hip!
Birthday parties with an artistic twist, a hit since 2005. "Kids enjoyed and were excited because of very unique theme" ...Mr H Saito, Japan. "We enjoyed ourselves tremendously" ...Mrs R Lim, S'pore
Birthday Art Parties
Birthday Party hosing with Art Zone
Art & Craft Workshops/Activities
There are always so many activities/happennings here that art is not that boring after all!
Art & Craft Workshops/Activities
Holiday workshops for children at Art Zone
Recycle Mania
Here is a chance to make good use of your junk materials. End results - race car,transformer, pencil monster, butterfly bag, dummy robbot, etc, etc. It's amazing what kids can do nowadays. As featured in Young Parents.
Recycle Mania
Drawing on Recycling
Art Buddies Workshop
Team up with your buddies and churn up a piece of art. Team work + Creativity = Art Buddies. As featured in Artsxplosion and H/F magazines.
Art Buddies Workshop
Drawing with special Art Buddies
Mural Painting - Joy!
We conduct this event during the school holiday and the response is always overwhelming. It is the parents' joy to watch their kids displaying their artistic talents at this public event.
Mural Painting
Mural Drawing
Gift Voucher
What a better way to show your love for your little ones. At Art Zone, there is always something for everyone and any occasions.
Gift Voucher
Gift Voucher as Gift for others